About Me

Julia PhotoWelcome to my website.

My name is Julia Cooper and I am a qualified Osteopath and Cranial Osteopath based in London. I passionately believe that everyone can benefit from Osteopathic treatment, to resolve acute and chronic problems and to enhance general wellbeing.

I have endeavoured in this website to explain in clear terms how Osteopathy can help you. On a more personal level I also want to communicate my conviction that Osteopathy allows you to connect to a deep level of health that is ever present in all of us.

We start off as children being in touch with this health and then we are pulled away from it as we grow into adulthood. I believe that when we loose touch with this inherent health then we loose part of our joy in living. In contrast when we feel really well at a deep level then it is reflected in all our life – we feel strong, that we can cope with anything and that anything is possible; just how we used to feel when we were young!

I can’t promise you that Osteopathy will make you look younger but it can help to restore suppleness and fluidity to your body and bring back an ease of being that maybe you thought you had lost forever.

I would be delighted to talk to you over the phone or face to face, regardless of any treatment, to answer any questions you may have.