Babies & Children

Julia osteopath treatment childIn the case of babies and young children we can see that they will typically respond well to cranial osteopathy work because their bones are not yet fixed and any stresses are able to be resolved more easily.

In a normal birth the baby’s head is malleable enough to pass through the birth canal and to correct itself afterwards. However sometimes the baby has had a difficult labour – it may have been stuck in one position for many hours compressing one side of the head or there may have been an intervention – forceps/ventouse where the head may have been strongly squeezed or pulled. In such cases the baby’s head may not be able to self-correct leaving strain patterns in the skull. Even in a caesarean birth the sudden pressure change may cause a baby to be ‘shocked’ as it comes out so that the primary respiratory motion feels subdued.

Many midwives routinely recommend a cranial check-up for all newborn babies, but signs that your baby might benefit from a treatment are:

  • if your baby doesn’t like lying on their back
  • if your baby has difficulty turning their head in a particular direction
  • if your baby seems jumpy and easily unsettled
  • if their head seems misshapen
  • if the baby seems distressed or is crying a lot 

The good news is that babies have a lot of health available to them and that any problems are usually resolved in a couple of sessions