Cranial Osteopathy

cranial osteopathy julia osteopathThe Cerebrospinal Fluid or CSF flows around the brain and spinal cord. It moves with a wave-like pulse which has come to be seen as the body’s most primordial system for staying alive and healthy. It is known as the ‘primary respiratory mechanism’ because it literally breathes life into the tissues of the body.

The movement of this primary pulse can be perceived throughout the body but in particular at the head and sacrum. The head comprises 26 bones, which permit a tiny degree of movement, and it is possible to feel the pulse expressed in the movement of these bones and membranes of the skull.

In health the pulse should be able to be felt evenly throughout the body and in cranial osteopathy the practitioner is using their hands to listen to the body to find out where this may not be happening and to gently correct it.

Cranial Osteopathy is very gentle and totally safe. It is suitable for everyone who wants to feel reconnected to health at a deep level.

It is particularly good where there may have been a traumatic incident to the body such that even gentle manual techniques may still be too much – for example a whiplash injury, a fall or a sporting injury.

Other conditions such as sinus problems, migranes and jaw problems also benefit from cranial work.