Getting older

osteopathy and getting older julia osteopathAs people get older they start to assume that aches and pains are a ‘natural part of getting old’ and that they have to accept them – this is not true, there is a lot that Osteopathy can do to help people stay pain free and active.

As we age our bodies gradually change shape and the activities we engage in change. To be able to cope with this it is important that we retain a full range of movement in all our joints so that they stay healthy and that our muscles remain flexible and capable of allowing movement.

Movement is essential for health and if we stop using parts of our bodies and allow them to stiffen up then they will decay. One of the biggest problems people have as they get older is that they start to loose confidence in their body to be able to do what they want so they stop doing things – this then becomes very self-prophetic.

Osteopathic treatment works by reinforcing those neural pathways and connection between the brain and your body so that your body remembers how it can move. Osteopaths also articulate joints through their full range of movement to promote health and ease off any muscle stiffness or tightness, which may be preventing full range of movement. Osteopaths can also advise on muscle strengthening exercises appropriate to age.

Many older people find that regular monthly maintenance treatment helps them enjoy a better quality of life, especially if they live in a city like London, as opposed to living in the countryside.