Helping Acute and Recurring Problems

People often associate Osteopaths with bad backs but we treat all kinds of injuries including:

  • frozen shoulder
  • repetitive strain injuries / tennis elbow
  • aches and pains from poor driving positioning or work related posture
  • arthritic pain
  • sports injuries

As well as treating your problem we are also able to advise on self-help measures for the acute phase e.g. the use of ice, heat, rest and bandaging and preventative measures for the future.

Julia Osteopath back treatment

“I get more headaches than I used to”

“Every time I play tennis my arm hurts for days afterwards”

“I just don’t seem to be able follow through with my golf swing anymore”

“My back just seems to ache more these days no matter what I do”

These are the types of problems that you may have suffered with for several years and resigned yourself to living with.

Life deals out all sorts of stresses and strains that accumulate over the years – tumbles as children; sports injuries; work related strains and accidents.

The body compensates for these in the most health efficient way it can and up to a point the body can accommodate most things, but only to a point – after that you start to feel it.

Osteopathic treatment can help to roll back the effect of these accumulated stresses and strains and allow the body’s vitality to resurface.