image2Pregnancy can be a time of enormous strain on a woman’s body. The mother has to cope with a growing bump and growing breasts. Both of these changes affect the loading on the spine and to be able to cope with this the spine needs to be flexible.

As the curvature of the spine changes the muscles attaching to the spine also have to be able to accommodate the change.

Osteopathy can help the mother’s body adapt to these natural changes in the best way possible. Osteopathy may also help reduce tension in the diaphragm allowing the mother to breathe more deeply and use breathing as an effective method of pain relief. Osteopathy can also relieve tension in the pelvis allowing optimal positioning for the baby. 

Working with the mother throughout her pregnancy allows the mother to understand better the way her body is feeling which is good preparation for the birth.

Birth while miraculous is not called ‘labour’ for nothing and is a physically stressful event for the mother and baby. It is a good idea to have a check up after 3-4 weeks after birth to help the pelvis adjust back to normal positioning and to resolve any outstanding birth trauma. Awkward positioning while adjusting to breastfeeding and a baby in the bed often mean back pain for the mother which can be helped through Osteopathy.

Finally the birth of a first child is also the rebirth of the mother from individual into parent and this can be a very stressful change. Cranial osteopathy can help the mother to adjust to this change by supporting her health on a deep level and helping her to resource herself.