What to expect at your first appointment

osteopathy what to expect Julia osteopathThe first appointment will last for about 1 hour. I will take a detailed case history asking about your current health and lifestyle and then do an examination, followed by treatment if appropriate.

I will spend time looking at your body, typically asking you to undress to your underwear. While this may feel slightly uncomfortable at first this gives us the opportunity to really see how your body is working – is there a slight twist in your spine? Is one hip rotated forward? Have your arches fallen leading to increased strain on the knees? Is there more muscular tension on the left hand side of your body or the right? By really studying your body I am able to obtain a picture of where the tensions are in your body and what may be maintaining them.

My objective will be to build up a picture of the lifestyle and other influences on your whole body, but in particular your muscular skeletal system so that I can develop an understanding of how it is operating and how that may relate to the particular condition we are treating.


Subsequent sessions will last up to 45 minutes.